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"It takes discipline , determination , focus and perseverance to lose weight and get healthy. Meet the Weight Loss Soldiers who achieved their weight loss goals and are living a healthy and happy life"


Weight Loss Soldier : Rishi

Rishi at 122KGMeet Rishi a Weight Loss Soldier who lost weight due to sheer hard work and dedication. Rishi's journey of losing those extra  pounds was not easy. He had to work hard with discipline and dedication to be achieve his weight loss goal. It was the soldier spirit and passion which helped Rishi achieve his goal.



Rishi at 125 KG    



And the best part is that Rishi has managed to maintain his weight in the target weight range for many long years. The reason is that Rishi has been living a natural lifestyle a bit like the soldier does of discipline , sincerity and a passion for maintaining good health.


                              Rishi at 71 KG



Being a Weight Loss Soldier for many  years means a lot to Rishi as it brings good health and happiness not only for him but also for his family and friends. Rishi has managed to ignite the spark of living with a healthy lifestyle to many of his family friends and many of them share the weight loss soldier status with him.




Rishi at 75KG











Weight Loss Soldier : Atul

Atul at 117 Kg

Meet Atul,  a Weight Loss Soldier who with his dedication , will power and an attitude to change transformed himself. Atul was to get married and he wanted to change himself for a better tomorrow.










Atul at 120 KG


Atul was also confused with all sorts of bombarded information available on weight loss and fitness. What to do and what not to do. He wanted to lose weight naturally by following a healthy lifestyle.






Atul at 75 KG




Atul had a daily job as a Software Programmer where he has to spend 9 hours in office. Therefore he wanted to look for a natural program which would be suitable to him as per his professional obligations.




Atul at 72 Kg



Atul started on the Weight Loss Soldier Program and with his dedication and discipline achieved his weight loss goal becoming a true weight loss soldier. Atul also gained good health .He still maintains his weight loss soldier status.






Atul at 75 Kg



Atul's formula for success is that do not expect miracle to happen very soon. Give your body time to adapt to your new weight loss soldier lifestyle and in due time miracle will start happening automatically. Change yourself by doing the right things and getting rid of the wrong things you have been doing. Be honest and sincere on the Weight Loss Soldier Program of healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy rest.






Weight Loss Soldier : Neeti

Neeti overweight after her new born kidMeet Neeti, a weight loss soldier who after giving birth to her child, gained weight and also developed Thyroid problem due to her pregnancy. Neeti has been a badminton player and she really wanted to lose her weight and get back in shape. As Neeti  also was working as a Financial Consultant for a major consulting firm , she wanted to get back in shape and join her work back.








Neeti after 6 months since her child was born. 

Neeti decided to start her journey in shedding those extra pounds which she had gained after her pregnancy. It was not easy for her as she had to take care of her newly born kid, manage work and personal commitments. Neeti started following the weight loss soldier lifestyle program as per her time schedules, physical capacity and personal and professional commitments. Also since she had got thyroid, she had to take care of timely taking her thyroid medicines and eat a healthy diet eliminating all thyroid sensitive foods. She slowly started exercise in her daily schedule.





Neeti after losing 30 pounds


After some months Neeti is a proud weight loss soldier who has shed those extra pounds by following a healthy lifestyle . She is a happy mother of a kid and is enjoying her weight loss journey. People are amazed to see her in good shape. Neeti's dedication, determination and will power made her achieve what any other person can also achieve. Despite having some medical problems after pregnancy and having work and family obligations, Neeti has truly shown as to how following a disciplined lifestyle can bring wonders to you , your life and to people around you.

Disclaimer: For people who plan to follow the healthy Weight Loss Soldier Program, the weight loss results may vary as per their age, body type , existing  physical and medical conditions. Weight Loss Soldier Program is based upon a healthy consistent lifestyle of Proper Exercise, Proper Diet and Proper Rest. Following this program consistently will bring weight loss results and good health.


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