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My weight loss program initially for a few months consisted of just cardiovascular exercise, basically running on a  treadmill or running outdoors. And of course I was complementing it with a nutritious healthy diet. My weight loss results started coming as I lost good weight in about  4 months time.
I had read a lot about weight training ,strength training and about building muscle, but I was just enjoying my cardiovascular exercise and since I was losing weight , I carried on with cardio.
One day while doing my normal cardio session in a YMCA gym in Metuchen New Jersey , I met a person named Chris who had come to speak on  weight loss and was himself a successful weight loss story of losing 200 pounds. After his speech I managed to have a face to face discussion with him on weight loss and it was through him I realized how important weight training or strength training is.
Chris aged 40 had a lean muscle toned body which any male would desire for. He had lost much of his  body fat and he was a lean muscle man. I was amazed to see how he had completely transformed his full fat body to a lean muscle body. During a brief conversation which I had with him, Chris told me that I was doing everything correct but missing one part to my weight loss goal. And that was Strength training. He briefed me about the benefits of strength training in combination with other exercises I was doing. After that meeting, my enthusiasm to learn effective strength training became an obsession. Now I told myself that if a person like Chris at age 40 can lose weight and achieve a muscle toned body, why not me. I immediately got 2 best sellers on Strength training and started educating myself on the subject. Books can definitely tell you a lot, but if you plan to do something practical it is always advisable to start in the guidance of a professional .That's what I did. As per my goal to get a lean muscular body definition I learned all the basic strength training fundamentals and exercises from a professional at the gym.

Here are some general questions which are associated with Strength training and a person planning to lose weight and get fit should go through these questions.

What is strength training?
Strength training is the kind of resistance exercise we perform in order to stimulate a muscle to help it grow.

Why is strength training important?
God has given us various muscles which exist inside our body. The more lean muscle a human body consists of , the better is the human bodies metabolism. Also having muscle mass instead of fat makes a person look more thin. Effective strength training exercise will help build lean muscle and lead to a proper shaped body.

What do I have to do to start on a strength training program?
To start on a strength training program you have to understand the basics behind it and start implementing it slowly and make it a part of your lifestyle. Please refer below the video where Strength training fundamentals are defined.

Do I have to exercise a lot to get muscles?
Strength training can be different  to different people. A body builder's aim is to compete in a professional competition and hence  they exercise very hard with more frequency to get bulky muscle.
For a person on a weight loss program, the idea should be to have lean muscle developed and for that it does not require to work hard like crazy. The more lean muscle you have the more young and energetic you will look.

What will I require to do strength training?
Many people have this misconception that they have to go to a gym to
perform weight or strength training. Well , that not the case. All that is required to strength train each muscle of your body is some free weights(dumbbells, barbell) and a weight bench. I have been doing strength training in the premise of my home . You can refer to my Strength training  workouts below  and figure out yourself how strength training is not a restricted to gym.

A  total body Strength Training workout can be accomplished using a barbell with free weights, dumbell and a bench.


Note:  For people who are having any physical or medical ailments, they should consult a doctor before starting on a strength training workout routine.  For those who are starting new on any Strength training program,it is advisable to take help initially from a Professional Strenght training coach.Always start with lower weights and perform strength training as per your age, capability and comfort factor. The results for people who are on a  Strength training program vary as per their age, body type, genes, physical and medical conditions.


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