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RISHI SHARMA is a self-publishing author who writes books on nonfiction and fiction. He lives in New Delhi, India. He is an avid reader and likes to write about positivity. The best way to connect with Rishi is through the website


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I have a successful weight loss story of losing 110 pounds of weight in a span of one year. And I have been privileged to  maintain my  weight for 14 years . The only reason for which I have been able to maintain my weight and enjoy good health goes to a healthy lifestyle of proper exercise, proper diet and proper rest.  Being overweight since childhood and having born with fat genes, my weight loss and weight maintenance story is a perfect example as to how a normal human being can lose weight and gain good health by following a healthy lifestyle of exercise , diet and rest. All the wisdoms I have gained in the last twelve years of living a healthy lifestyle, I have put it down in the form of the book "Weight Loss Soldier" .


I am a  contributor to  many weight loss forums and health communities.

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