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Let us define our healthy lifestyle equation again:

On my journey towards weight loss , I learnt it the hard way as to what importance rest carries amongst the other weight loss attributes such as exercise and diet.
My  consistent healthy lifestyle of proper diet and proper exercise helped my body to slowly adapt itself to the weight loss process. I used to exercise 7 days a week sometimes both morning and evening. But one factor I did not pay much attention to was proper rest. By proper rest I mean that I according to the level of physical activity I incorporated in my lifestyle, I was not giving my body sufficient rest and recovery time.
The result was that my body started getting  injury. The result was I  missing my exercise sessions, feeling tired and with lack of energy. Then I started experimenting and took a day off completely after exercising for 2 days. Also I started incorporating 7-8 hours of sleep in a day which usually was 5-6 hours.
The result was I started having more energy and my exercise sessions were more productive.

Also the mental REST factor needs to be understood and acquired. The stress of everyday life definitely leads a mark on a persons general well being and the weight habit comes in to that. I used to eat a lot at one time when I was emotionally or mentally stressed out.
So I came to the conclusion after a lot of experience with Proper Exercise and Proper Diet that Proper Rest is also a very important factor which aids in weight loss as well as good health.  And that proper rest constitutes Physical as well as Mental Rest.

Rest both physical and mental is important in general to enjoy good health. Physical Rest involves proper sleep. Mental rest involves keeping emotions, anger  and stress under control. Mental rest if not taken care of releases acids in our body which creates diseases. Therefore a balance of physical and mental is very important to lose weight and enjoy good health.


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