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When I was in school , I was always teased by my classmates on being huge and fat. I would not get offended too much with their remarks as I loved my childhood life of eating good food , sleeping and leading a care free life. 

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But there was a gentlemen who always used to lecture me on the importance of living life with some discipline and focus. That gentlemen was my Grandpa. Grandpa was in defence services and was a very disciplined man. He had been a part of the India China war. He was just 5 feet 4 inches. If I have to count a few confident individuals with a personality, Grandpa tops the list. He would always tell me "You fatty boy, get some discipline in life and start living a bit like soldiers do ". He always used to say A BIT because he knew I was living in the warm arms of my mother and to live a good disciplined life was out of question. But always he would tell me that if you want to accomplish anything in life , only two things can help you : Discipline and Focus.







After so many years I implemented Grandpa's teachings of discipline and focus and achieved what I desired:

lost the extra weight I had and came into my target weight range
gained good health
acquired self confidence and faith in myself
got respect from other people
   Maintained my weight for many years since I lost weight and lived with good health

 And this was possible because I lived many  years of my life a bit like the soldier does. Again I use Grandpa's saying : "Live a bit Like the soldier ".

So my dear reader friend, If you want to transform your weight  , your mind and your life you must live for some time a bit like the soldier does . The rewards will follow.

be a soldier with dsicipline and focus


Please have a look at my life snapshot before and after I lost weight



Please have a look of my weight maintenance timeline snapshot.



For anyone to lose weight , get healthy and become a Weight Loss Soldier , the following soldier characteristics must be followed to the best of your ability:


Self confidence and determination
A disciplined and focused mindset
team effort
To distinguish what is right and wrong
  Honesty to yourself and to others around you
  Faith in yourself
Faith in god

The above are the main attributes which a soldier acquires with lots of hard work and training. It is the warrior mindset, hard work and correct training which transforms a simple human into a soldier.

The reader who plans to start on a weight loss program has to start working on the above attributes so that in some time the reader can be called WEIGHT LOSS SOLDIER.Weight Loss Soldier program will give the reader all the required knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively lose weight and move towards good health. Once in a lifetime every one should live as a soldier does and weight loss soldier program gives the opportunity to do so.

Therefore if you are a person who desires to lose weight OR who desires to incorporate a healthy lifestyle OR who desires to reap the benefits of good health, WEIGHT LOSS SOLDIER program is for you. You have to live some of your daily life as a disciplined soldier does, carrying the above mentioned attributes to the best of your ability.

Do you want to see what it means to live your life a bit like the soldier ?

see the clip below



The above clip describes what it takes to lose weight naturally and how to live in a healthy and happy way. Every human being has got the spirit inside them to live a life in a healthy and fit manner. What requires is the correct knowledge behind good health and implementation on that knowledge. And above all  it will be the passion within you which will help you achieve your goal.

  • The passion to lose weight  
  • The passion to live in a healthy way  
  • The passion to achieve the weight loss soldier status  


Disclaimer: For people who plan to follow the healthy Weight Loss Soldier Program, the weight loss results may vary as per their age, body type , existing  physical and medical conditions. Weight Loss Soldier Program is based upon a healthy consistent lifestyle of Proper Exercise, Proper Diet and Proper Rest. Following this program consistently will bring weight loss results and good health.


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