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    A Healthy Lifestyle to lose weight


An overweight person desiring to lose weight and get fit needs to understand the wisdom behind the following two equations:

Weight Gain = (Unhealthy Lifestyle) X Time

Weight Loss + Good Health = (Healthy Lifestyle)X Time

Let us first understand what is an unhealthy lifestyle and what is a healthy lifestyle? There are three main factors which constitute whether you are leading a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy lifestyle. The three factors are Proper Exercise(E) , Proper Diet(R) and Proper Rest(R) which we can also call the Lifestyle EDR balance.

With respect to equation number one, a consistent unhealthy lifestyle of no proper activity , irrational eating habits and no proper rest contributes to weight gain. In the long run this type of lifestyle also leads to diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes. There might be other medical factors such as thyroid which contribute to weight gain, but the common factor which contributes to weight gain is the living of an unhealthy lifestyle over a period of time. Therefore Weight Gain does not happen overnight. An unhealthy lifestyle followed over a period of time contributes to weight gain and later disease. For many people Genetics might play a role also in deciding how much overweight a person gets. Genetics is a factor which we cannot control . But the factor which we can control is a Healthy Lifestyle. And in the long run a person who follows a healthy lifestyle overtakes the genetics factor. Let us discuss the role of genetics and lifestyle.


With respect to equation number two, a consistent healthy lifestyle of Proper Exercise, Proper Diet and Proper Rest contribute to weight loss and also good health. A healthy lifestyle to lose weight , get fit and acquire good health must be based upon the EDR balance. The EDR balance implementation will be different for people based upon their age, weight, existing physical and medical conditions. The results which will come after following a consistent healthy lifestyle of EDR balance will also be different for people. But the common thing will be that every person who follows the healthy lifestyle consistently over a period of time with discipline , honesty and perseverance will experience weight loss, good fitness and good health.

Therefore a person desiring to lose weight must understand that weight loss is not an overnight process. A consistent healthy lifestyle plan must be followed which will result in natural weight loss and promote good health. Many people want to lose weight fast by adopting strict measures. A person must give time to the body to get adapted to the healthy lifestyle routine. Lets discuss fast weight loss goal and the healthy lifestyle process.

Therefore  we can form our healthy lifestyle equation based upon which we can work towards losing weight and also move towards good health.



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