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Proper Exercise is one of the attributes or one of the factors of a healthy lifestyle program which helps in weight loss and promote good health. Exercise for some people trying to lose weight is looked upon as an activity which they do it out of compulsion.

Let us define our healthy lifestyle equation again:

 "Exercise should be looked upon as a feel good factor. If exercise causes heavy pain and injury you are doing it wrong."
If a person is going to start on an exercise plan , please start slowly. Never blindly follow anyone and injure yourself. The body which you have not exercised for many time will take some time to get used to the exercise habit. It is important to understand that our body needs to get adapted to exercise and for that it takes some time. Proper Exercise needs to be adopted by a person desiring to lose weight based upon the person's age, weight, existing physical and medical conditions.  
Not Adopting the right approach towards exercise. Exercise can be termed proper for a person if the following are kept in mind:

  • Performing Exercise in the right type of environment .  
  • Performing Exercise with the right approach and goal.  
  • Performing Exercise according to age.  
  • Performing Exercise the right way.  

The various benefits of consistent Proper exercise are :

  •  It helps in losing weight  
  •  It release good hormones which enhances ones moods and makes one feel good.  
  •  It helps in exercising your heart which is responsible for pumping blood.  
  •  It raises your metabolism.  
  •  It helps control Blood Pressure.  
  •  It prevents you from diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, Thyroid.
     It  regulates your appetite.
  •  Your sex life improves.  
  • You look more younger.  
  • Regular exercise helps fight insomnia and depression.  

It does not require any expensive methods to learn how to perform effective exercise The human body has been created by god to move and also on the other hand respect it. All you need is some commonsense and some knowledge as how to perform effective exercise with which you will get fit benefit with good health. Proper Exercise needs to be complemented with Proper Nutrition and Proper Rest which are the other two main pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

There are various types of exercises which can help a person lose weight . Aerobics also called cardiovascular exercises can help a person  lose weight. These exercises can again be of various forms such as running/jogging, brisk walk, swimming, skipping etc.  But in order for a person  to fully take advantage of proper exercise , lose weight and achieve a lean muscular body , the following types of exercise should be a part of the healthy lifestyle routine of regular exercise.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Body Weight (Calisthenics) Exercise

Stretching Exercise

Strength Training Exercise

The above are the effective types of good exercises to lose weight and get fit. A person should incorporate them into their consistent healthy lifestyle of fitness. A person who is starting in the weight loss journey should slowly incorporate the above exercise types into their fitness schedule. It takes some time for the human body to get adapted to any exercise routine.



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