Frequently asked questions on Weight Loss Soldier Program

  Frequently asked questions on weight loss

Who can be a part of the weight loss soldier program ?

Anyone irrespective of age can take part in the weight loss soldier program. This program defines a healthy lifestyle plan for people of all ages. Anyone on medications or existing physical or medical ailment should consult a doctor before starting the program.


What will the weight loss soldier program be like?

The weight loss soldier program exists in the form of an e-book titled " Weight Loss Soldier" . This book consists of a healthy lifestyle plan of proper exercise, proper diet and proper rest . All the issues related with weight loss like exercise , diet , rest etc. are discussed in detail in the book. Implementing the healthy lifestyle principles and guidelines defined in the book will help a person lose weight , get fit and experience good health.

How much time can I expect to start seeing results on this program?

The weight loss soldier plan is a healthy lifestyle plan comprising of proper exercise, proper diet and proper rest. Based upon a persons age, present weight, present physical and medical condition the results will be determined.  Also depending  upon the honesty and commitment of the person, results will happen. 

How much investment does a person need to make on this program?

This program does not involve too much investment. It is mainly the investment in the change in lifestyle which a person needs to make.

How can I be sure that this program is authentic?

Weight loss soldier program gives you a healthy lifestyle to follow which includes proper exercise, proper diet and proper rest. Many people have followed this lifestyle and have reaped tremendous health benefits with natural weight loss. Please visit Meet The Soldiers and to figure out how people have benefited while being on this program.

Weight Loss Soldier DOES NOT promote any product using which any person can lose weight or get fit .

The program is based upon a healthy lifestyle which if followed correctly will help a person lose weight and live with good health.

How can I get the e-book ?

If you are ready to be a part of the Weight Loss Soldier Program, Please sign up first on the sign up page .  After you sign up you will receive an email where the link to download the book will come. 


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