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  body weight push up

Calisthenics are the body weight exercises which can be done at any place indoors or outdoors.  Body weight calisthenic exercises require the use of ones own body weight to provide resistance for the movement. By doing body weight exercises the bodies muscular strength and endurance are targeted. These types of exercises should be an integral part of the exercise regime which a person follows in order to lose weight. Some of the popular  exercises which come under this category are:

  •  pushups
  •  pullups
  •  situps 
  •  chinups
  •  body weight squats
  • mountain climbers

Full body weight exercises can help in burning more fat from the body if done properly. Body weight exercises target major muscles of the body which help in making the body strong.

Everyone should start slowly and do such exercises as per their capability and age.

To get a feel of what body weight calisthenic exercises look like please see the videos below:


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